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Three white men charged for attacking an interracial couple

hate crimes on interracial coupleAccording to a report by Black Entertainment, three white men – Perry Sylvester Jackson, 27, Billy James Hammett, 28, and Anthony Merrell Tyler, 32, – were recently charged for beating up an interracial couples (a white man and a black woman) in California without the couple having provoked them. The attack was caught on camera in the parking lot’s surveillance.

The three were charged with one count of conspiracy and two counts of beating the couple in 2011 under the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act.

It makes my heart bleed to see reports of hate crimes in today’s society; especially those against interracial couples. And much as most of these attacks may be verbal or happen on the internet, when it gets physical…!!! And for what? A couple just loving each other?

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